— Schedule 15 Weeks & Beyond —

The Signature HD Session

The Kicks & Wiggles Signature HD Ultrasound Session is a full 15 minute 4D / HD Ultrasound Session with the amazing audible sounds of your lil’ ones heartbeat.

The session also includes:

  • 4D / HD Signature Ultrasound
  • (2) 4×6 Gloss Lab-quality Photos 

We offer ultrasound appointments as early as 8 weeks.
Call us at 407-960-0887 or click below to schedule.

4D/HD Ultrasound Sessions

What to Expect at Your Session

We strive to create amazing unforgettable moments. Our goal is to always retain our 100 percent customer satisfaction. We prepare for each customer to ensure your service and time captures exactly what you are looking for.

Our Staff

We have only the best ultrasound technicians at Kicks & Wiggles.

Your session

We focus on obtaining quality images during your ultrasound session.


Your Images

Take your images with you digitally and on high quality non-fading paper.

Your Experience

You’ll experience sight, sound and comfort in our spa-like studio.

Imaging so clear, you’ll see his eyes, his nose and his toes!

The Ultimate Before & Most Amazing Afters