— SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test —

Boy or Girl? Find out the Next Day.

SneakPeek, the only 99.9% accurate DNA test that lets you know your baby’s gender — as early as 6 weeks into your pregnancy.


Kicks & Wiggles is a proud provider of SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender DNA Testing. SneakPeek Clinical lets you learn your baby’s gender as soon as the next day. Early Gender DNA testing is easy. Sample drawn with the SneakPeek Snap Option by a trained professional and mailed to SneakPeek Labs for analysis. 99.9% accurate staring at 6 weeks into pregnancy! Results emailed straight to you as soon as next day. There’s no extra fuss!

  • 99.9% Accurate DNA Test
  • Test as early as 6 weeks
  • Find out results as early as next day!

Imaging so clear, you’ll see his eyes, his nose and his toes!

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